About Us

     Founder, John Caster, is an avid golfer, fisherman, and upland game hunter. These interests gave him a great appreciation and love for the outdoors. The quiet pleasure and beauty of a golf course, lake, river, or forest gave rise to a new hobby -landscaping. John brought this environment to his own home and over the years extended his hobby to family and friends. Eventually landscaping turned from part-time work into a full time occupation with the incorporation of  his landscape business in 2003. These 30 plus years of landscaping experience enabled John to create a unique style, very different from the traditional landscape look provided by other landscapers.

     Another difference with Caster's Landscaping is an old fashioned commitment to controlling costs. Rather than owning  equipment we lease when needed. Key materials; top soil, mulch, and landscape boulders, are purchased in bulk. A "no frills" approach is taken to control overhead and office expenses. Most importantly, we have developed a team of highly qualified sub-contractors that share our commitment of customer satisfaction. By lowering our costs we can provide quality landscaping at affordable rates.

     At Caster's we encourage the active participation of our clients in designing their landscape. We provide ideas, themes and concepts, discuss them and make recommendations. We let our clients decide what works for them. It is common for us to visit our suppliers to see and select the materials -flagstone, boulders, trees and plants. Seeing is instrumental in making the right choice. Some clients prefer us to "Just do it" trusting our vision. Others want to work with us or plant in the beds we prepare for them. Any level of involvement is ok with us. our only goal is a satisfied client.