As the name suggests, hardscapes are made up of the prominent hard features within your landscape -patios, walkways, boulders, walls, and dry creek beds are common examples. Some hardscapes such as patios, and walkways are used to expand and connect your home to your outdoor living space. Dry creek beds and retaining walls are help to resolve
drainage or elevation concerns, while adding an interesting, handcrafted feature to your landscape. Other hardscapes, such as stone walls, boulders, stepping stones, or an accent of river gravel add texture and provide creative planting areas that can be filled with your favorite annuals and perennials.

We provide a large variety of hardscape options and materials:

~ Granite and weathered limestone boulders
~ Natural flagstone and wall stones
~ Interlocking wall systems
~ Concrete and stamped concrete
~ Various types of gravel and river flats
~ Natural stepping stones

     Taking queues from nature, one of our most popular hardscapes, blends a natural flagstone patio or walkway with various sized boulders. This hardscape can be highlighted with steps, fire pits, or a dry creek bed. It provides an interesting alternative to the often used masonry cast pavers.






Paver walkway