We have a simple standard. Work carefully, pay attention to
detail, take time to get it right -no short cuts.

~ Landscape beds are cut to a depth of 4". This creates a "mulch trench” to keep mulch in the bed and not on your driveway, sidewalk, or yard.

~ For proper plant growth, ropes and the top portion of burlap
is removed from the root balls of trees and other plants prior to
installation and the root balls of all container plants are scored
prior to planting.

~ Appropriate soil amendments and fertilizers are added and mixed with topsoil and a root stimulator is used for all plantings.

~ After planting, each bed is raked and contoured to the desired shape and height. This allows for a consistent application of mulch leaving no holes or low spots to be lazily filled with mulch.

~ Our work is not complete until each tree and plant is properly pruned.

~ Our final step, prior to mulching, is an application of weed controller over your entire plant bed and fertilizer around each individual plant.

~ We maintain a consistent mulch depth of approximately 1½"
by hand mulching each bed.

*PHASE OPTION - We offer a Phase Option that can be customized to fit your needs. First a complete landscape plan is developed. Then the plan is divided into phases and installation costs are determined for each phase. The client selects the date for each phase. This allows costs to be spread over several months or years.